Carly Valentine

Welcome to the "Carly Valentine" Project!

Updated for 2014!

Welcome to my website dedicated to Valentine's Day -- the day where everyone says "I Love You" and deserves to feel special and smile a lot!  This is also the day that helped inspire my project!

This year, I will lead my family to 11 different places to pass out 575 Valentine's Day cards that I am making, and Goodie Bags that we are getting ready to fill!

If you found this website, you probably either received my letter or heard about it from my family and friends -- feel free to take a look around and learn more about the project and the places we will visit.  You'll also find pictures from last year's project.

Come back often to get status updates on the money I have raised, and the project leading up to "Delivery Day" -- Because the project has grown so much, I have 3 delivery days -- February 8th, 13th and of course on Valentine's Day, February 14!  

Thanks again for your support & encouragement!  I am soooo excited!!   

                                                               Love, Carly              

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